HALE Staff

  • Courtney


    If Courtney was on Death Row her last meal would be: A potato chip bar with a wide variety of chips and dips, steamed artichokes with hollanadaise sauce and molten lava chocolate cake with ice cream.

  • Emily


    If Emily was on death row her last meal would be: Texas Roadhouse filet, cooked to medium, sweet potato loaded with butter, caramel sauce and marshmallows, Kentucky Derby pecan pie.

  • Kristina


    If Kristina was on death row her last meal would be: Mashed potatoes, bean burritos from Taco Bell, a brownie ice cream sundae, assorted sushi pieces.

  • Kurt


    If Kurt was on death row his last meal would be: Spaghetti carbonara, lobster tail with drawn butter, filet with balsamic reduction from Acqua al 2, braised red cabbage with raisins, rice pudding from Richter’s Chalet, pint of Kuhnhenn DRIPA, glass of whole milk.

  • Laura


  • Melissa


    If Melissa were on death row her last meal would be: her healthy favorites like nuts, avocado, fish (except anchovies), expensive cheeses, eggs, any fruit, any vegetable, 100% Greek yogurt, Tim Horton's coffee and a glass of full-bodied white or red wine.